Electric Guitars

“Received strat and it’s great, the absolute best it has ever played, I’ve been unable to stop
playing it. I always felt that with a proper set up that it would be a great guitar and your care
and the work you’ve done has made it so. Thank you so much!” – David (after a full fret-dress and setup on a Robert Cray strat to correct fretting out issues and fret-wear.)

Although his building is focused on acoustic instruments, Ned is very well versed in the electric guitar due to having performed for many years with the electric as his main instrument in Nova Scotia, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Hence, electric guitars and basses are welcome for repair and maintenance.

Since electric guitars are generally set up with the lowest action of all types of guitars, they require skill and knowledge to set up to their prime playing condition without undue buzzing.  Nut slots, truss rod, individual saddles, and frets need careful and proper adjustment to ensure a pleasurable playing experience.

Frustrating issues like buzzing or “fretting out” when bending are usually due to a poor setup and/or fret wear or otherwise un-level frets.

IMG_20131109_180334_570 IMG_20140314_215648402_HDR

gold top les paul after fret dressing by Ned Milburn - HRM Halifax Dartmouth Nova Scotia Guitar Repair

Gold Top Les Paul – Fret-dress

IMG_20140311_174801982 IMG_20131109_180409_252


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