Flamenco Guitars



Flamenco Guitars

Ned’s love, knowledge, and understanding of flamenco guitars – their construction, sound, and repertoire – allow him to build flamenco guitars that rival the quality of even the most expensive flamenco guitars in existence today.

Common to all his guitars, a Milburn flamenco guitar is a tool that enables the player to focus on working the music rather than working the guitar.  The quality of tone is unanimously described as very loud in volume, yet with great clarity with its balanced basses, mids, and trebles.  Add to this an unsurpassed ease of playability and you are left with a guitar that you won’t want to put down!

Traditional styles and modern styles are available for those seeking either a historically accurate percussive Spanish flamenco tone, or for those who want a more modern tone with more body and sustain along the lines of a flamenco negra.

All of Ned’s instruments are meticulously hand crafted including hand carved headstock, neck & heel, hand thicknessed soundboards, braces, backs, and sides.  The guitar is finished with a fastidiously applied French polish.

Soundboards are made from special select Canadian spruce or cedar, and back/side sets can be of Canadian cypress (aka: Nootka cypress or Alaskan yellow cedar), maple, or Indian rosewood as desired per order.

The flamenco tradicional will have a Spanish cedar neck and heel with a peg headstock or slotted head with mechanical tuners as desired, whereas the flamenco moderno can be ordered will have a mahogany neck with ebony centre strip.

All models of Ned’s guitars can be ordered with standard decorative schemes or with varying custom levels of decorative upgrades.  You can be assured, however, that all models receive the same meticulous attention to detail and are tap-tuned at all stages of construction in order to ensure maximum soundboard efficiency and output.

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