Repair Policy


Guitars should be dropped off in their corresponding cases.  Instruments received without a case may not be accepted due to greater risk of damage.

Old Parts & strings

It is the client’s responsibility to specify whether he/she wishes the return of old parts and strings.  In most cases, end-of-life parts and strings are recycled.


The client is responsible for arranging pick-up of his/her guitar within 30 days of confirmation of repair completion.  After 30 days, a storage fee of $10/month will be charged on the 1st day of each 30 day cycle.

Unexpected Issues

Price quotes for repairs are done as accurately as possible based upon the issues that are visible upon inspection.

However, when strings and/or parts are removed for adjustment or replacement, sometimes an unforeseen issue that requires repair is revealed.

Hence, unforseen issues will be repaired without notification if the extra repair cost is within $25 when total repair cost is under $100, or if the extra repair cost is within $25% when total repair cost is over $100.  If the price of the unforseen repair exceeds these amounts, confirmation by phone, text message, or email will be required.


Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, or Interac email money transfer.  Payment is required upon pick-up of the guitar.

Turn Around

Guitar repairs are generally done on a weekly schedule and by the order that they are scheduled and received.  If you are a performing musician, scheduling ahead of time can help guarantee that your guitar work is completed in time for your gig.


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